Frequently asked questions 


  • Why do we need a new recycling service?

    We’re passionate about reducing the amount of waste which goes to landfill and we need to be smarter about how we manage rubbish and recycling. This new system is cleaner, greener and smarter and also gives you more recycling capacity.

  • What makes this service better value?

    Previously you just had two crates for all your recycling. Now you have the same two crates (100 litres) plus a 240-litre wheelie bin. You’re getting more value for your ratepayer dollar. That is an extra 140 litres of recycling per fortnight.

  • Why do we have to separate glass?

    If not managed correctly, glass can be hazardous for our sorting staff and can cause damage to recycling machinery — separating the glass makes it easier to manage. Plus, the company which recycles paper cannot accept paper that has been contaminated with glass (during storage on your property or collection).

  • Does it matter what colour recycling crate I use?

    No. You can use either your red, green, or both official crates for glass bottle and jar recycling.

  • How much can I fill the crates?

    There can’t be any glass stacked above the rim of the crate. That’s to ensure the bins aren’t too heavy to carry and glass doesn’t fall out and break as we’re emptying the bins. Crates may be three quarters full and weigh no more than 10kg each (safe lifting weight).

  • I fill a crate with bottles on a single Friday night alone. Can I have more crates?

    You can put out a maximum of two crates every fortnight. You must use official crates which are sturdy and safe for lifting by our contractors. If you find that you are exceeding this amount you can always drop any other recycling off at the Transfer Station free of charge.

  • Who owns the wheelie bins?

    The wheelie bins are allocated by the Councils to individual properties (by rateable unit). All bins have a unique ID which can be scanned to identify what property the wheelie bin is allocated to.

  • Can I use someone else’s wheelie bin?

    No you can’t use a wheelie bin at a house other than the one it has been allocated to. If we find bins too far from their address, we’ll aim to get it back to the right property.

  • What happens if my wheelie bin is damaged or stolen?

    Damaged wheelie bins will be repaired or replaced by Council, except when obviously damaged by users (such as incorrectly towing it behind a vehicle). If your wheelie bin is missing or stolen, please contact your Council. If your bin is stolen, your first bin will be replaced with a delivery charge. After the first replacement bin, property owners will be charged $60 per bin.

  •  Are granny flats serviced?

    Only the primary residence will receive the standard service wheelie bins. This is because the property is only paying one set of rates, so the bin will need to be shared. The simple rule is that if your property has its own rating number a bin will be allocated and the sticker on the side will specify to which property it belongs. There are some exceptions, so give your Council a call.

  • If I sell my house, can I take my wheelie bin with me?

    The wheelie bin is allocated to the property and must stay there for the new owners or tenants to use.

  • How will I ever fill a bin this big?

    You don’t have to fill it right to the top every time. We recommend that you only put the bin out when it is over half full.

  • If I have a long or complicated driveway, how can Ieasily get my wheelie bin to the kerb?

    Try towing your wheelie bin to the kerbside by car. You can purchase wheelie bin tow bar attachments. Search online for “wheelie bin tow bar attachment” or visit your nearest hardware store.

  • How many crates can I use?

    You can put out a maximum of two crates every fortnight. You must use official Council crates which are sturdy and safe for lifting by our contractors.

  • Will our rubbish bags cost the same when the new service begins?

    Yes, the official rubbish bag service stays the same. Your council website has up-to-date charges.

  • Is there a collection for appliances and old furniture etc?

    You can take unwanted electronic goods such as computers, laptops, car batteries, DVD and CD players, routers, household whiteware and kitchen appliances to Masterton, Carterton and Martinborough transfer stations. Unfortunately, we don’t accept old furniture. Local charities often appreciate usable donations or you can take it to your local refuse transfer station.

  • What should I do with garden waste?

    If you do not wish to compost your garden waste, you can contract a local garden waste collection company, or take it to your local refuse or recycling transfer station where you will be charged a fee for its disposal.

  • Can all plastic be recycled?

    No. We prefer to take only plastics #1 and #2. Plastics #3 to #7 are generally being stored or going to landfill at this time, until there is a market for these materials.

  • What if the wheelie bin is too heavy for me?

    The bin has wheels and a handle that is designed to roll along easily when tilted.

  • When do I put out my Bins and Crates?
    Bins and crates alternate

    Bins Crates Alternate
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Your new rubbish and recycling collection starts from 09 September 2019


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