These items GO IN your recycling wheelie bin

tin cans

Tins and cans

paper cardboard

Paper and carboard

plastic bottles containers

Plastic bottles and containers.
Plastics 1, 2 and 5 (such as soft drink, water and milk bottles; food trays and ice cream containers) are recyclable in NZ.

Please don’t squash bottles

give us a hand

Please give us a hand and rinse your recycling, dirty items may not be accepted.

These items CAN'T GO in your recycling wheelie bin

food waste

Food waste

Garden waste

electrical goods

Electrical Goods

TV Tubes and computer screen

Oven ware



Disposable nappies

UHT containers

Meat trays


pyrex dishes

Pyrex dishes and ovenware

China and crockery (cups, saucers, plates)




paint chemicals

Paint and chemicals



Bubble wrap

Light bulbs

Fluorescent tubes


Drinking glasses

Window glass

Opal glass

Glass bricks

engine oil bottle

Engine oil bottles

Automotive parts

hot ashes

Hot ashes

medical laboratory

Medical and laboratory glass containers


We want to keep the staff who collect your recycling safe. Safety is critical to Council and its contractors. If we continuously find non-recyclable and dangerous material in your recycling bins we may stop collecting your recycling.


Tips for cardboard and plastics

fall freely do not jam

The contents of your bin must fall freely into the truck — please do not jam oversized cardboard into your bin.

flatten boxes

Flatten boxes and where possible, cut down flat cardboard so it fits easily into your wheelie bin.

no buckets

Items such as buckets and washing baskets will not be collected. Only household plastic bottles and containers, plastics 1 and 2, from your kitchen or laundry

not 3l

Please don’t include any oversized plastics (nothing over 3 litres), meat trays or polystyrene.

Meat trays can’t be recycled because the dimpled plastic means they can’t be safely cleaned

Bin Crates Alternate



Recycling is a great way to divert waste from ending up in landfill!
Your new rubbish and recycling collection starts from 09 September 2019


 Check out collection dates