What's Changing?

glass only

From September 9, your green and maroon recycling crates are used for glass only (bottles and jars).

new wheelie bin

Your new wheelie bin is for recycling plastics, cans, tins, cardboard, and paper.

collected weekly

Your recycling will be collected every week (the same day as your rubbish) but will alternate between glass and other recycling.

Check out collection dates


If you live in Masterton your recycling pick-up day may change. We’ll let you know if your day has changed.

Check out collection dates

What's the same?

What's better about these bins?

clip for lids
Clip for the lid


Flyaway recycling will be reduced as the wheelie bin comes with a clip to hold the lid down.


Bin Clip

more room
More room for your recyclables


The new wheelie bins give you an additional 140 litres of recycling capacity every fortnight.

easy to wheel
Easy to wheel bins


The bins are easy to wheel down your driveway to put on the kerb on collection day. For those with a long driveway, the towbar attachment is a simple option that can be purchased from your local hardware store, or online.


We don’t endorse any particular wheelie bin towbar suppliers. Other suppliers can request to be listed on this page by contacting their Council.

Supplier - Wheelie Bin Tow Hitch



Car Tow Image


Recycling bin lids


Your new recycle wheelie bin is fitted with a SafeWaste Bin Lid Latch. This will keep everything safely inside the bin and will keep the bin lid shut — even when it’s really windy!

The latch will auto-release when the truck picks up the bin for emptying. This will reduce the amount of recycling lost during collections and while the bin is waiting to be collected, helping to protect our beautiful land and waterways. 


To engage the latch hook, pull the finger tab (protruding from the hook) down, so that the hook catches on the bin rim.

To release the latch hook from the bin rim, pull the finger tab upward and outward until the hook disengages.

Your new rubbish and recycling collection starts from 09 September 2019


 Check out collection dates