All recycling from the bins and crates is taken to Earthcare Environmental’s Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) for sorting and processing.

Earthcare Environmental is passionate about reducing waste. By investing in innovative equipment, the best people and the right systems, they recover the maximum amount of material possible for recycling. They’re in the process of investing over $2 million in new equipment in Masterton, such as purchasing electric forklifts (replacing diesel), improving green waste processing, and building a sorting facility for recycling that is safer for staff. This is all part of Earthcare’s mission to achieve a 100% recycling rate.

Earthcare is a family-owned Kiwi business which cares about the local community, especially their 41 local staff members and their families.

What are some of the recyclables turned into?

32 milk bottles

32 milk bottles can be recycled into a recycling crate

plastic bottles fleece jacket

Five 2 litre plastic (PET) bottles makes enough fibrefill for one fleece jacket

aluminium cans

Aluminium cans are melted down and turned into new cans

Did you know?

light bulb

Recycling 1 glass jar saves enough energy to run a light bulb for 4 hours!

recycling reduces energy

Recycling plastic uses half the amount of energy compared to burning it in an incinerator


For every tonne of paper recycled, 13 trees are saved!

Tips to reduce your waste

compost bin

Start a compost bin (reduces waste and great for the garden!)

fix broken things

Before throwing broken items away, try repairing them first

reusable bags

Buy reusable products such as grocery bags and containers

avoid products with packaging

Try and avoid buying products with lots of plastic packaging

Your new rubbish and recycling collection starts from 09 September 2019


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